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About Us

Vermouth Audio has formed a team, INDONESIA DIY AUDIO (IDA), which is here to serve the needs of audio DIYers, audiophilers, audio industry players, builders and speaker designers. We come to realize your dreams to produce high quality engineered speaker.

IDA, which located at Surabaya City, Indonesia, is largely supported by Vermouth Audio. Vermouth Audio has been known as world class brand of audio cable nowadays, receiving many positive reviews, which awards best value and performance cables, the reputation keep rising day by days. There also Redefy Audio, who the owner is a heavily experienced speaker designer. Redefy Audio speakers are high sensitivity and produces sound among hi-end audio speakers level. The speakers offering wide spectrum audio, while bass region is a mandatory, they are well engineered speakers.

Now, when the performance over price company (Vermouth Audio) meets well engineered design company (Redefy Audio), what else would you need? Here we come to facilitates you. We realize your dreams!